Thank you for clicking on the Starfield Secure Site Seal. The Secure Site Seal serves to prove that the Web site has passed Starfield Technologies' authentication process and that a Starfield Web Server SSL Certificate is being used to secure transactions on the site. The Secure Site Seal ensures that all confidential transactions are protected with highly reliable 128-bit SSL encryption.

Starfields's Validation Process
Before Starfield issues a Web Server SSL certificate the applicant's company or personal information undergoes a rigorous authentication procedure that verifies the existence and identity of the requesting entity. The validation process secures the highest level of trust. Thus a Starfield SSL Certificate guarantees that the entity that owns the certificate is who it claims to be, and that it has a legal right to use the domain from which it operates. A Starfield Secure Site Seal provides visible evidence that the Web site that displays it can be trusted.

The Starfield Secure Site Seal is not valid if:

  • Your browser's "padlock" symbol is not displayed. Refer to your browser's online help for instructions to verify the site's secure certificate.
  • Your browser displayed any critical security warning when accessing the site.
  • The certificate on the site is listed in the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) located at http://certificates.starfieldtech.com/repository.
  • The certificate is not issued by the Starfield Secure Certification Authority.