SSL Certificates protect customers’ data when they browse or shop online.

Our SSL Certificates protect a single domain or multiple domains websites. We use strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption that’s virtually uncrackable. A Standard Domain Validated SSL Certificate takes just a few minutes to issue. For more info, see our certificates documentation here.

Display the secure padlock icon with an SSL Certificate
Let customers know their private details are safe.

Our SSL Certificates include:

Domain validation (DV)
Organization validation (OV)
Extended validation (EV)
Multiple domains support (SANs/UCC)
SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
Unlimited servers support
Trusted site seal
24/7 customer support
How Does SSL Benefit Me?

Protect all sensitive data
passing through the website

Build customer
confidence and trust

sales transactions

Boost organic search
ranking on Google

Which SSL certificate is right for me?

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate
Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate
Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate
Best suited for:
Personal websites
Organizations and business websites
eCommerce websites (Required)
Displays trust indicator in address bar
Auto-validation, issuance in minutes
Registration authority (RA) manual validation, issuance within 5-7 days*
Boosts Google® ranking
Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
Padlock in address bar
Protects multiple websites (Multi-domain SAN SSL)
Protects all subdomains (Wildcard SSL)
Security trust seal

How Does My Customer Know My Site Is Secure?

Once a visitor is on an SSL-protected page, the following visual indicators appear to let them know your site is secure.

HTTPS prefix
in the URL (vs. non-secure HTTP)

Padlock icon
in the browser's status bar

Trusted "Verified
and Secure" site seal

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